What Happens When You Get Your Head Stuck In A Fence?

Ok, so I was watching an episode of Shameless, where someone gets their head stuck inside a metal fence.  In the said episode, they end up using a torch to solve the problem….  It reminded me of the episode where in Leave it To Beaver (“the Beav”)  gets his head stuck in a fence. I cannot remember how they saved the poor boy; afterall, the Beaver took a lot of punishment and beating as it was. People hit the beaver hard in those days.
I’m sure y’all have thought of it, but I think the best way to go about that situation (of getting your head out from being stuck in a fence) would be to use a car jack…  That would’ve easily solved the problem, right? Just some stray thoughts for now 😊 and looking forward to 2019!
Happy New Year!
Kos   😊